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I am one of those women who has a positive birth story. I had two natural childbirths, no drugs and no medical intervention. All because of The Pink Kit.

The Pink Kit - what is it? It's a multi media source of essential information for those wanting a natural childbirth. It contains superb information and techniques that you'll not find anywhere else. Things that work.

The kit comprises a Book, DVD and CD's. It is the finest resource you will find anywhere for natural childbirth.

Every person should have access to The Pink Kit. There would be far less Cesarean Sections if more women, midwifes and doctors studied this. In fact midwifery institutions are now recommending it more and more. Birthing the way nature proposed is becoming popular again.

Knowing what happens to the bony structure, the soft tissues and the muscles in your pelvis will help you in labor. The kit shows you all this and even shows you how to 'map' your pelvis in order to help your baby's exit.

The shape of your pelvis will have a deciding factor on your birth. The Pink Kit shows you a technique to work out what shapes yours is (they're not all the same!). It then goes on to tell you which positions and type of birth is best for your shape. Easy.

Your partner plays a large part in using the kit, as in the birth itself. My husband found it priceless and it gave him a lot of self-assurance during the birth itself.

With this knowledge he played a huge part in the birth of both of our daughters. He was able to guide and instruct me which I found so heartening. 

Through the kit I got to know my body and during labor I was able to react to changes in it. I was able to alter my positions in order to help my baby come through more easily.

Aside from being fit, healthy and rested you need to get The Pink Kit to ensure you have a natural childbirth. I cannot recommend it enough.

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The Pink Kit - Birthing Naturally

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This article was published on 2010/03/27