Basic Camping First Aid Kit

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A first aid kit is a must have for anyone who is going out for camping. You can either buy the pre-made or custom made first aid kit. The latter is the most recommended as it can be personalized in relation to your specific needs. The commercial first aid kit is usually made of plastic that is durable, cabinets mounted on walls or pouches made from fabric.

 As you plan your camping trip, it is important to include a first aid kit for any emergencies that may arise. The following essentials need to be included in the kit. 

  • A small flashlight and pack an extra pair of batteries
  •  A whistle for each camper which are used to wade of the bears in back country and also locate each other incase they are separated. 
  • Cayenne pepper that helps to stop the bleeding on cuts which are minor. 
  • An antiseptic for cleaning the wounds 
  • Extra pack of matches or lighter 
  • Burn ointment for emergencies incase of an accident in front of an open camp fire 
  • Cheap disposable thermometer 
  • To avoid any itching, the kit should be packed with hydrocortisone cream. 
  • Antacids incase of any stomach upsets 
  • Packing the athletic tape is good for hiking and camping. It has at least two uses that is tying a splint together where there are injuries of the legs and ankle tapping. 
  • Hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol are other essentials that one will need to use to clean the wounds. 
  • In case one is camping in hot weather, sun screen and lip balm will make the camping trip more comfortable 
  • Have an eye wash kit and a kit to repair your glasses if one wears glasses as these helps in making any necessary repairs when accidents occur.
  • Pack any medication that any camper or family member is required to take to avoid cutting the camping experience short. 
  • Liquid pain reliever and Q- tips are good for bites and minor scratches and cuts. 
  • Tweezers for removing thorns and tweezers, scissors for cutting bandages and knives for cutting bindings 
  • For internal relief from pain one needs to pack aspirin and Tylenol in the first aid kit. 
  • Kit for snake bites just incase the camping area is infested with snakes. 

Even as we pack our first aid kits we should keep in mind the kind of accidents that may occur. This may result from exposure to the elements, hiking through thorn bushes and even as we unpack the equipment and set up the camp one can get some minor scrapes and cuts as they move the equipment around. 

It is important to always check the supplies in the kit before any trip and replace what has been used and also replace any expired or outdated supplies and medications. The first aid kit should always be well stocked for any camping trip as one does not know what to expect.



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Basic Camping First Aid Kit

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This article was published on 2010/10/07