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20% to 60% gas may be saved by a good HHO kit, which supplies variations of HHO to the carburetor. This carburetor burn four or five times better than gas, so it helps the huge savings be achieved. There's a truth that, only around 25% efficient of a vehicle is used when it rune solely on gasoline.


HHO Kit Facts for the Beginner

HHO gas is formed from plain tap water. It is not a new discovery but it has only been in recent years that is has been applied to cars to and trucks to make them cheaper to run. The existing engine does not need changing in any way. An HHO kit is simply and easily added on; it takes about half a day to build and fit.


A decent home kit costs under $130 in materials all of which are very common and easy to get your hands on. Even with a good manual, some folk find the construction and fitting difficult. In such cases it is far easier and less frustrating to take the manual to a mechanic who will probably not charge more than $200 in labor costs.


At the end of the financial year an application should be made for a tax rebate from the IRS. They will refund $2,000 for a family car, gas or diesel, with an HHO kit and up to $50,000 for a heavy goods vehicle. Ensure that all proof of the conversion is also supplied: receipts for materials, manual and any labor costs.


It has been shown that HHO gas is far easier on engine gaskets, prolonging the entire life of the engine by up to twice its normal expectancy. The ride also becomes smoother and quieter. Acceleration and torque can also be improved somewhat.


Building an HHO Kit

It is absolutely essential to find a good instruction manual. A certain amount of good information can be found by browsing the internet but that can take a long time and some of the details will probably be a bit sketchy. It is far easier and more time efficient to spend the $50 or so on a downloadable manual.


Then you will find there are only a few basic elements to an HHO system. The most important part is the HHO generator. This comprises a small reservoir for the water and contains a catalyst. As an electrical current, drawn from the vehicle's battery, is passed through the water, the H2O reacts with the catalyst. Hydrogen bubbles off the negative terminal and oxygen from the positive. They reform in the chamber to produce HHO gas.


The HHO then passes through a vaporiser on its way to the carburetor where it mixes with standard gasoline or diesel. The result is the vehicle running partly on free gas, produced from water.


The other necessary piece of equipment is the electric control unit. The unit itself can sit anywhere although most people tend to mount above or below the dashboard. It just connects and earths the electrical system linking the ignition, battery and generator of the HHO kit.


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This article was published on 2010/05/06